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I make over 300 Christmas cards every year for Charities, family and friends so you will find loads of Christmas cards on my blog also the odd present, gift ideas, stocking fillers and table decorations.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

new style of ATC's

A new style of ATC

I made this ATC by re-sizing a push-pull card to make an ATC.

Here are some other ATC's I've made by re-sizing card templates.

First we have a two different Easel ATC's

the top one is the first new style ATC I made...

Second we have a Tri-fold ATC

third we have a rocker ATC

Fourth we have the four stepper ATC's
which at the moment I think are my favourites.

All of this re-sizing cards to make ATC's was because of my good friend Ali.(who is as made about ATC's as I am check out her atc blog here) I had been making a lot of Easel cards and needed to make my ATC's for a swap and she asked if it made a change from making Easel cards and jokingly I said what makes you think there not Easel ATC's. So that evening I made one just for her..and that's how it all started.

So a big Thank-you Ali.

You can find a couple of ATC templates here.


  1. Kris these are all fabulous! LOVE the film/TV one with Laurel and Hardy and the waterfall on it! Thanks for attributing the inspiration to me, but the effort and achievements are yours, so a BIG WELL DONE to you!
    Big smiloes, Ali x

  2. Do you lie in bed thinking up all of these different design ideas. :) Again wonderful creations.

  3. Absolutely fantastic Kris - so creative :) Just love the push pull ATC - not seen one of those for ages - perfect for ATC's :D