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I make over 300 Christmas cards every year for Charities, family and friends so you will find loads of Christmas cards on my blog also the odd present, gift ideas, stocking fillers and table decorations.

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Use It Up pledge

It's been a month since I joined the use it up pledge, still not brought anything so the going is good, have been tempted but a few things so I've made a list of all this things I like so I can go back and get in November if I still want them.

In total I have made
Christmas cards x 13

Birthday cards x 8

other cards x 4

other items
2 A5 notebooks

2 small notepads

3 craft-robo paper pads

I knit and crochet for  so as for my wool stash I've made
hats x 40 10 already sent to Bonniebabies

gown x 1 and half of the matching cape

just need to add hood

blankets x 2  

the crochet one is 42" (and is for a family member not the charity)

and the knitted one is 18"

and a cardy which is 3/4 made (also for family)
sorry no photo of this one.

so far things are going well and I'm finding abit of room...


  1. You are doing so well with your use it up pledge. I'm kinda doing well too although I had to buy a digi - they don't count do they? Oh and I ordered a couple of bits for my birthday - but someone else is paying so that;s ok too isn't it? Not seen many of your Bugaboo's lately - by the looks of things though, you've been busy knitting. Jx

  2. Well done Kris! I haven't plaedged but I'm trying to use it up! Not just in crafting either!!
    Love all your makes!
    Thanks for playing in my blog candy too!
    Dawn xx